Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Golden moments.......

....I could devote an entire Blog to 'this is why I'm a Special Ed teacher' moments but I'll restrict it to a wee anecdote from today's lunchtime.

I read stories during lunch - helps the kids forget that they don't want to eat what's in their lunchbox. Reading a book whilst making sure they don't a) get into a fist fight b) eat any food to which they may be allergic or c) tread yoghurt or carrot puree into the carpet - is quite a skill - one I am still learning. Sometimes I become a little distracted - as I did today - and usually the boys are patient with me. Today however, the story must have been particularly riveting as during one of my distracted moments, the cheeky monkey sitting next to me, grabbed hold of my face with both hands, turned my face back to the book and said in a very 'teacherish' voice....'FOCUS, Miss Kate, FOCUS!'

Like I said... golden moments!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ding Dong, the couch is dead........

..the couch is dead, the couch is dead.
Ding Dong, the stinky-stained-1970's throwback-ugly patterned- backache inducing-glad it can't talk-doesn't go with anything-college couch is dead................

Sadly, this long, long, long awaited event - whilst inducing the kind of euphoric joy reserved only for interior design moments when everything comes together, in myself - has caused our dog to go into a deep depression and a refusal to even acknowledge the new couch, and my husband to have developed a faint nostalgic look in his eye.

Nah - who cares - the couch is gone - wey hey :-)